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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Land of the Giants - A Little Fun with History

Does getting elected President of the United States leave you with a swelled head?  An easy place to visit in your RV near Williamsburg, VA is Presidential Park, where giant heads of forty three of our Presidents are on display.

The park has giant sized busts of former Presidents on display in order of their service.  You enter through the visitor center, walk out the back and you meet our first president, George Washington.

The busts are huge, to give you an idea I took this picture.

That's President Thomas Jefferson, by the way.  At the base of each bust is a sign telling all about the President like this one.

The park has the busts all organized in order of each President's service.

So now for a little Presidential Quiz.  Who's nose is this?  Hint...look at a dollar bill.

Yep, it's George Washington, again.

Now a little harder question.  Do you recognize these sideburns?  He inherited his good looks from his father, who also was a President.

They belong to President John Quincy Adams.

This President was an Army General during the War of 1812. 

It's President Andrew Jackson.

Whose tie is this?  Hint, the word "tie" is in his name.

President John "Tie"ler (Tyler). ;c)

Now another former general turned President.  Hint, he went to West Point and had Robert E. Lee as both a friend and an enemy.

President Ulysses S. Grant

Now, who had mutton chops like this?  If you want a hint, check the sign near the top of the post.

It's President Chester Arthur.

Do you recognize this famous beard?  You better!

Yep, President Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President.

Now, whose eye is this?  Hint, another sculpture of his face looks off of a mountain.

President Teddy Roosevelt, who is also on Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.

Now, a little harder one.  Recognize these glasses?  Hint, "The Buck Stops Here".

President Harry S. Truman.

Now to whom does this famous nose belong?

It's President Richard Nixon.

Okay , I may have worn you out, so only one more question which I'll save for last.

Here's Presidents Kennedy, Reagan, Clinton and George W. Bush.

In the Visitor Center, there is a snack bar, a gift shop and a mock up of the White House Oval Office (where you can pay five bucks to have your picture taken sitting at the President's desk).

And now for the last question.  There are 43 Presidential busts at Presidents Park.  But where is the bust of our 44th President, Barack Obama?

He's here, on the ticket counter.  They are taking donations to construct his bust.  In keeping with our decision to keep politics out of our blog, you'll have to guess if I contributed...or not. ;c)

When your kids (or grandkids) have had enough of Presidential Park, Water Country USA is located across the street and Busch Gardens in just down the road about 2 miles.  Presidential Park has plenty of free parking for an RV.

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  1. Hey! This was a fun guessing game!! I enjoyed trying to figure out who everyone was. I was going to make a crack about "busts" but decided it wouldn't be in good taste ;) LOL!


  2. Heh heh .. great post!

    We have a profile shot of Steveio and George Washington matched up with their noses---taken from the side parking area past the entrance to Mount Rushmore. I should put it in my blog someday too.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard