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Friday, July 2, 2010

No Apologies

Saw an interesting comment on an RV blog today where the author complained about his dislike for RV blogs that have posts about families, children and grandchildren.

I love to read about RVers who spend quality time with their families, teaching their offspring to enjoy the wonders of nature and the beauty of this country.  How much better is it for a youngster to hike National Parks, build a campfire, eat a S'more or swim in a great body of water, be it a pond, river or the ocean than to sit in front of a TV and play video games for hours on end?

As an added bonus, it's really cool for adults of all ages to re-discover all these things through the eyes of a child.  I've gotten great ideas from other folk's RV blogs about places to go and things to do with the kids.

So I feel sorry for people that must have been born as old curmudgeons and missed out on one of life's great experiences, spending time with families...priceless!

I will always share through our blog the fun we have, both with our RV and with our kids/grandkids.  If you don't like to read about our RV travels and camping fun with my family, please pass on by.

I offer no apologies.  I'm a happy camper and so are my grandkids! :c)

Thanks for visiting and please feel free to comment.


  1. Keep the family blogs coming... We also love to read about family adventures. Playing makes you SMILE!!

    The Eternal Teenagers!

  2. I enjoy family posts too, and put my grandchildren on my blog when I see them. Other members of my family really want to see the pictures, and even my friends and other readers haven't yet complained about my "shamelessly cheesy grandbaby pics."