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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Marti's Musings: Circle of Friends

As Paul mentioned in yesterday's post - we had the pleasure meeting and going out to dinner with Full Timers, Fred and Jo Wishnie last evening.  Not too long ago, we met up with Mike and Terri Young, soon-to-be-Full Timers...  and that got me thinking....  (which can be dangerous, but shouldn't be this time...).

Because of our schedules, Paul and I rarely have time to meet up with friends for dinner, etc.  We have some very dear friends who live nearby - and many who live throughout the good ole' USA.  That fact alone, made those dinners much sweeter... and got me thinking...

When we are able to actually retire and go Full Time, our Circle of Friends will grow and grow.. and we will actually have time to SEE our friends!  It may be sporadic, it may be infrequent, but heck, right now we rarely get to see any of our friends.  SWEET. 

Plus, our circle of friends will grow - we have already discovered that the Community of Full Timers (and Part Timers, and heck RV-ers in general) is its own community of friends.  There is some sort of instant bond.  We have not seen that since we lived in Coast Guard base housing more than 12 years ago....

Just imagine...  always having friends to connect with (when you want to), actually being able to visit with said friends, and seeing our beautiful country at the same time.  (not to mention our grandkids - woo hoo!)

What a life....  that tug is getting stronger...  we talk about it nearly every day... details, details, details.. 

Oh, and by the way - Paul keeps indicating he is 'in trouble' for his historical posts - well, his imagination is quite strong...  and although  multiple posts of a museum isn't my favorite....  he isn't in trouble, and just enjoys stirring the pot...  we love the feedback, though....  thanks!  :-)

Note from Paul:  After living with this lovely lady for 33 years (next month), I've learned to listen to what she says.  As to obeying, well...sometimes the rascal in me comes out. ;c)

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  1. What a great picture of you two! I can hear your excitement! We've got to really do some rethinking on how we're doing our RV adventure!

  2. Thanks, Levonne. Yes, we are excited, just trying to get all the ducks in a row before we make our exit...

  3. You guys are a cute couple :) I hope one day we'll cross paths!