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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Oops, I did it again!

With my dad visiting this weekend, I had a whole list of things for us to do together.  I can't let him sit on the couch after all those miles he drove from NJ, plus he has that new camera to try out.  So we grabbed the cameras, hats and headed out (with Marti this time, too) back to Bealeton, VA to the Flying Circus Airshow.

There were quite a few more spectators this visit, mainly because it was cooler, instead of 100 degrees it was only 98.  We had our water, loose clothing and hats.  Of course, you always forget something.  How do you say sunscreen?  How do you say my sunburned knees hurt? (Ow?)

Despite the minor setback, we had a great time.  My dad whipped out the new video camera and blazed away.

When he wasn't filming, he was on the edge of his seat with excitement like a little kid.

Marti now is asking for a neck massage for some reason.

The planes did all kinds of displays and tricks, here is some formation flying.

This guy was demonstrating the new low priced seats that airlines are considering.

After the show, spectators were allowed on the field to inspect the planes and meet the pilots.

I liked this plane, I call it the Great Pumpkin.

I'm not sure what kind of plane this is but I'm pretty sure it must have a hard time taking off.

One plane gathered a lot of attention.

In an effort to interest my lady readers and not have any of you doze off (Nellie), I included this picture of the incredibly handsome Red Baron, pilot of the plane.

This pilot demonstrated how to park a plane in a tight space.  Note his tail wheel never touches the ground.  In an "R SANITY" first, I bring you this in a video clip. :c)

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  1. Now we're talking! I'd know that Red Baron anywhere! He's on the pizza box ;)