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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

All Keyed Up

As I was instructed by the glass technician, I let the Journey sit overnight to allow the windshield sealant to set up properly. 

Because we live in an HOA community, I have limited time that I can keep the Journey at the house.  Normally, we park it in a storage lot that you have to go through two gates to get into.  I originally had intended to take it back there as soon as the new glass was installed but I took the tech's advice and let the Journey remain in place because I didn't want any problems.

This morning I came out to hop in my car to go to work and found this:

The car had been keyed down the side, most of the scratches were down to bare metal.

I gulped and went over to the Journey, hoping that nothing had happend to it.  No such luck, it had been keyed down most of its 40 foot length, and of course the scratches went through all three colors of the design on the side.

I checked through the neighborhood and found another half dozen cars also bearing similar key scratches.
Seems that somebody or some buddies went on a late night vandalism spree.  It's ironic that I would have had the Journey safely tucked away in the storage lot had it not been for the windshield needing to set up.

I called my insurance company, Nationwide and filed two damage claims.  I have an adjuster coming to look at the Journey as soon as we can schedule a time I can meet him and I have an appointment to take the car Friday to a drive through claim center for an estimate.

Then I'll have to get the repairs done.  It is a shame that some jerk(s) feel the need to damage other people's property, but I'm just looking at it like a bump in the road.  We'll be back to normal soon and we won't let this spoil our plans of fun.

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  1. What a bummer!! But we love your attitude!! Stuff happens and you just get on with it.

    Glad you don't let the crazy folk get you down. That would be a waste of your time and your energy. Save it for the fun stuff!!

  2. I'm sure your blog doesn't accurately show your rage when you saw that. Especially the Journey. Not an easy thing to repair for sure. My heart goes out to you both..been there done that.


  3. what terrrible luck!!..but thank goodness for insurance!!

  4. How terrible! Since I lived in that area for a long time, I somehow feel ashamed of my former neighbors.

  5. Oh no! What a senseless thing for someone to do. We're so sorry you're having to deal with that!