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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Survived the First Camping Trip of the Summer

So much for a peaceful weekend.  Marti got called back to her office Friday night.  She got back to the Journey late.  First thing Saturday morning, her cell phone rang and off she went...again.  She was gone all day.

Being left to my own devices I went for a hike and looked for things rarely seen in travel blogs.

This is a tree stump.  It has been conveniently placed in the woods waiting for an unsuspecting hiker to trip over.  Don't ask.

This tree is obviously suffering from osteoporosis.

Another really rare sight, a stripper in the woods!  Performing!

That stripper was so hot, some of the men were falling all over for her.

But today I came across the rarest sight in the whole campground.

Yep, Marti finally got a chance to pull up a recliner and relax. 

Come on retirement!

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  1. Come on Marti. Retirement can't get here soon enough! Mine is 12 months from today. Wahoo!!


  2. We too love taking different photos! We have loads of them and try to share as much as we can with our viewers.

  3. glad to see there was time for some relaxing!!!

  4. Your performing stripper cracked me up! Glad to see Marti out there relaxing! She looks like she's enjoying it.

  5. Our venture into the world of fulltiming comes late 2011...RVing is the way to go for us too.