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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Marti's Musings: Double Whammy

Ok, so you guys know that we have said goodbye to our precious granddaughters, son and daughter-in-law.  Whammy!  We only get to see them twice a year, on average - seeing as they are on the opposite coast.  The goodbyes never get any easier, either - particularly when granddaughter, Miss T, looks deep into my eyes and says: "Mimi, I don't ever want you to ever go away!" - complete with pools of tears in her sweet eyes.  (thus causing pools of tears in MY eyes) *sigh*

And - here we sit, in the waiting area at Portland, OR airport.  Our plane should have taken off 15 minutes ago.  Whammy!  Yeah, on the pre-flight check, the crew discovered a vibration they didn't like - soooooo  we wait for another airplane to arrive from NY, and they do the old switcheroo....  *sigh*
I realize I SHOULD be thankful that they are so safety conscious (and truly I am), however, it is currently 10:40pm West Coast Time - that means 1:40am East Coast time.  *yawn* 

Yeah, so as I look around the crowded waiting area, listening to overhead announcements - warnings of " never leave your bags unattended!"  (do people really DO that?) "so and so please report to gate number-whatever" and  "will Miss So-and-So please return to the car rental, you have the car keys"  (I kid you not!) - I look around and think:

 'What -  are we crazy?'  - we COULD be sleeping soundly in our motor home, complete with our own toilet (there are priorities, you know).  Of course, we all know we are slightly crazy - but that fact aside, we could be retired, fulltiming it, and still be WITH our sweet granddaughters.  But noooooo - we are heading back to the crazy world of 9-5 (huh, yeah, right), limited vacation time (translate = limited time to see the grandkids), high stress and NOW I have to share my space with a crowd of disgruntled travelers.  To borrow a phrase:  "sheesh!" 

So, to end a good note - this has kind of solidified our full timing date - Paul is (almost) ready to put in his retirement letter - and we will not have to rush cross country to have visits with the kids.  This double whammy could have some serious positive results!  Stay tuned - we will announce our retirement date in the not too distant future.  Woo hoo!!


  1. Woohoo! You can do it, you can do it, you can do it :)

  2. Everything happens for a reason. WOO HOO!!!!


  3. Go for it. The grandkids grow quicker than weeds. Enjoy this time with them. There are no "DO OVERS!"

    Also, we enjoy your blog so much and you guys aren't even traveling....can't wait to read it once you hit the road!!

  4. woohoo..go for it!!!...glad you are home safe and sound..too bad it is to go back to work! day!!!

  5. What a nice way to put it all into perspective--- while sitting in a crowded airport!

    I like the saying:
    "Life so short, Dead so long"

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard