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Friday, August 13, 2010

No Disappointment at Cape Disappointment

Miracle of miracles, the clouds slid away, the fog burned off and the sun came out. It was a perfect day to visit the Cape Disappointment Lighthouse in nearby Washington State.  We headed out sans Ryan, who had to work today.  We crossed the Columbia River into Washington State via the Astoria Bridge.

We arrived at Cape Disappointment and parked the van, then headed up the trail.

The trail wound up, down and around some giant pine trees.

The trees made beautiful back drops for Kierra and Taylor.

Our first stop was the Visitor Center, which overlooks the mouth of the Columbia River and Cape Disappointment.

The view was fantastic.  The Lighthouse was built on the next bluff overlooking Cape Disappointment.

We hiked back down the trail and headed for the lighthouse.  Along the trail were more stunning views.

The trail overlooks the Coast Guard Motor Lifeboat Training Center at Cape Disappointment.  This is where the Coast Guard trains Coasties to operate the 47 foot Motor Lifeboats in storms, heavy weather and breaking surf conditions.

The trail opens up to a one lane cement road that is the final stretch to the lighthouse.  The road is there so repair parts and equipment can be driven up to the lighthouse.

Along the road is an abandoned blockhouse left over from the Coastal Artillery Fort that guarded the entrance to the Columbia River during WWII.

Finally, we arrived at the Cape D lighthouse.

The girls wanted their picture taken next to "Daddy's Lighthouse".  Our son Ryan works at the Coast Guard Aids to Navigation Team that maintains lighthouses, small buoys and other fixed aids to navigation along the Oregon and Washington State coastline.  He has been to the Cape D lighthouse many times over the last two years with his crew.

We sat for a while and enjoyed more views of the cliffs, the ocean, sea birds and fishing boats.

All too soon, it was time to head back down the trail.  We were hiking up a particularly step, narrow part of the trail, when we came to two senior citizens carrying a large baby stroller.  We turned around and went back down the narrow trail until we got to a wider part so the people could pass.  I thought it was a little strange that they would take a child on such a trail, but figured they didn't realize that it was not an easy hike.

As they passed me, I looked into the baby stroller and saw...a dog!  Not a child, a dog.  I guess I don't understand how some people see their pet.   I was concentrating so hard on not laughing that I forgot to take a picture. :c(

We finished the hike, we figured it was a couple of miles.  The girls, 3 and 4 years old did just great.

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  1. thanks for the tour of Cape Disappointment!!..we were there a few years ago..nice trip down memory lane.
    Dog is in a stroller?? could you keep from laughing???

  2. Great Photos!!

    At HD, dogs are allowed in the store if they are in a cart. Ever see a German Sheppard in a shopping cart!?! I have!!