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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wandering the Oregon Coast

I'm not sure if it is unusually foggy here in Oregon, or it's the Jet Lag kicking in.  Might be a combination of both.  The kids say it has been very cool and rainy here in Astoria this summer.  Regardless of the weather, we hit the road in our rented mini van.  Route 101, the Oregon Coastal Highway. 

With all the cool, moist weather, flowers grow like mad.

We decided to drive to Newport, Oregon and visit the Oregon Coastal Aquarium.  We knew it would be a long trip, about three hours, so we would stop and break up the trip at places that caught our fancy.

We ran into pirates.

The girls decided they'd try their hand at being pirates, too.

Some of the local folks were not very friendly.

After a long drive, we arrived at the Aquarium.  We went through a tunnel surrounded by water filled with fish and sharks.  The girls were so excited they didn't know which way to look first.

They even saw a rare species of underwater life, the Peanut Butter and Jelly Fish.

On the way home we made a stop for Ice Cream right at the factory.  It was delicious!

We saw RV parks and campgrounds everywhere.  Some parks have the RVs packed in like sardines, other are very upscale, even some resorts right on the beach overlooking the ocean.  Oregon is very RV friendly and we can't wait to get back out here our Journey.

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  1. Unfortunately, we are not going to go that far north on our journey, we are beginning in Lincoln City on the coastline from the Columbia River Gorge drive.

    Just now when I mentioned it to Jerry, he said for an ice cream factory, we could possibly go a few miles out of the way. Thanks for the post, we may be going to the coastline beginning at Tillamook County...YEA!!!

  2. We loved that pirate restaurant... do you recall where it is?