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Friday, August 13, 2010

Thawed Out in Astoria

Today was even better than yesterday.  After a week of foggy, chilly and rainy weather, the sun really heated up Astoria today.  As the temp climbed to 82 degrees, the skies cleared to a sparkling blue and the low humidity made for an enjoyable day.

Astoria is loaded with interesting things to see, on top of its highest hill is the main attraction, the Astoria Column.  It can be climbed to look out over the town and surrounding ocean and Columbia River views.
Since every RVer that visits the column posts about it, I'll skip over it.

We decided to look for the unusual things to see in town.  Here is a traditional Indian Burial Canoe.  Fortunately it was empty.

Alongside the road into Astoria,

is this chainsaw carving of and Indian, it is a cedar log that is about 30 feet tall.

A little further into town is this beautiful, well maintained memorial to the veterans of World War I.  Astoria has not forgotten its veterans.

Next is a little souvenir shop run by Captain Fish Head and his friends.

In the heart of downtown Astoria is the restored Liberty Theater, where plays are regularly put on.  The second story has a beautiful decorative covering, you won't find art like that on any modern building. 

Marti liked this pine tree, she said it looks like it has dreadlocks.

 Our daughter-in-law Amber spent the day making a real work of art here.

A smoked pork shoulder...

...that turned into the most delicious pulled pork barbecue sandwiches.

 We're certainly going to miss her cooking when we head home tomorrow night. :c(

We have a red-eye flight home to VA Saturday night so we might miss a day or two on our blog, but don't worry, we'll be back shortly, so stay tuned!

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  1. thanks for sharing your day in Astoria..loved all the high travels as you head home!!!