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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Off like a Dirty Shirt

The time has come...finally.  Marti and I are taking off to visit our two granddaughters, Taylor and Kierra in Astoria, OR for a week.

Unfortunately, because vacation time is limited, we're flying there.  We wish we could journey in the Journey, but it's not possible right now.  :c(

We may be out of circulation for a day or two, but stay tuned, Oregon is a fabulous place to visit and our cameras are just itching to click away!

Just to keep your RV interest up, here's a riddle:  What part of an RV do these items go to?

No, they are not chocolate cheerios.

Here is a little hint:

Answer in an upcoming post. :c)

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  1. Sinks - are they rubber washers? I like your post title.

  2. Under the grate for the stove burners.


  3. I'm with Myrddin on this one, I have changed a ton of these over the years.