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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Marti's Musings: Home Again, Home Again Rigity Jig

Sooo, after 15 hours (can you believe that?) we made it home.  Planes, trains, minivans and taxis - and it still took that long...  we really feel our age when we have had a few hours of uncomfortable sleep (I use that term loosely here) combined with the emotional toll of goodbyes.  (I know we couldn't get to Oregon in 15 hours via our motorhome, but honestly - unless it's an emergency, does that even matter??)

Paul is too pooped to write, and as I sit here, he is softly snoring while we are trying to catch up on the shows that were taped while we were gone.  Tomorrow is back to the grind - and I will hand the reigns of the post/blogging back to him.  He has some mild medical issues to follow up on - and will get the windshield of the RV repaired, also.  My guess is he will write a post about that (the windshield, not the medical bit)- pretty good deal, as the glass guy comes to you for the repair. 

Sorry I don't have neat pics to post here, this was just a quick note to our faithful followers!  Thanks for your notes of support and well wishes - it means to much to us!

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