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Sunday, August 8, 2010

We Meet a Movie Star

After our long ride yesterday, we decided to stay closer to home today.  During the summer, Astoria, Oregon closes off a street to hold a Sunday Market, with all kinds of vendors selling everything you can imagine.

We walked down the street to take in the sights and maybe find that perfect item we've been searching for our whole lives.

This vendor sold wall decorations laser cut from steel.  They were very intricate in design.

We avoided this stand.

But we wandered into this tent by accident.  We were sorely tempted.

The girls got tired of all the walking, so Amber carried Kierra.

Taylor got to ride on her favorite horse.

Among the many RVs seen in this part of Oregon, we've seen a lot of the Micro-Mini Motorhomes like this well maintained one.  Nice size to park on the city streets.

We met a world famous movie star enjoying the market.

Here is the star of the movie "Marmaduke".  He was very gentle and he let the girls pat him.

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  1. Love the perspective of the Marmaduke photo - he looks about 5 times bigger than Taylor!