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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Slip-sliding to Oregon

Before I get started, I have to hand it to Jim (Myridden) and JB, they both were correct on the RV parts quiz.  The little round black things are grommets that go under the stove top grate.

The grommets get old and fall apart.  The come in a replacement 4 pack for under $4.  I buy them a dozen at at time because they fall apart pretty quickly.  As for the hint, the cartoon character was Grommet, from the Wallace and Grommet movie.

So, Jim, because you answered first, you get the grand prize of a box of Chocolate Cheerios when we meet down the road. ;c)

Marti and I left for our flight to Oregon to see the kids.  She had a number of text messages on her cell phone from her office on the way.  It never ends.

We arrived at Dulles Airport and were quickly reminded how much better it is to travel in our RV.

Nothing like standing in a seemingly never ending security checkpoint line.

We got through security and boarded our plane for the first leg to Long Beach, CA, where we'd change planes.

Jet Blue has video screens with DirecTV channels for you to watch.  Marti's buttons didn't work well, she had to resort to drastic measures to change the channels.  She had to use a plastic fork to get the buttons to operate.

Ahh, finally!

Some great scenery over Arizona.

After five and a half hours, we landed in Long Beach, CA and deplaned,

and got to sit in the waiting area with all our fellow travelers for an hour.

Then we went out and got back on the same plane!  At least we had different seats, so Marti didn't have to fight with the TV controls.

Finally after a two hour flight, we landed at Portland, OR airport, picked up our bags and rental van and went off to meet the kids for dinner.  Along the way we started seeing some of that great Oregon scenery.

The girls ran to Marti when we arrived.

All the time spent traveling was worth it all.  Sorry the picture is so bad, but it's hard to get a three and a four year old to sit still. ;c)

But we found a way for them to sit still.

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  1. I hope you have a wonderful visit with grandkids! Nothing beats taking your home with you wherever you go! Hmmm...grommets?

  2. Oh Wow!!!! I can hardly wait for those Chocolate Cheerioes!!!! ;-)

    Have a great trip and we'll catch ya down the road sometime.


  3. Nothing better than having cutie pies waiting for you on the other end of a long flight!

  4. You can feel the love!! Enjoy those beautiful little girls. They just make you SMILE!!

  5. The kids are adorable! Have a wonderful time, and don't worry about us - we can wait until you get home!