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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Campground Shopping

Oregon is RV friendly.  Oregon realizes that along with the amazing views of its natural beauty, it creates a draw for tourists (and their dollars).  Many of those tourists come in RVs of every shape, size and type.

Today, we checked out a nearby campground to Astoria, Fort Stevens State Park Campground in Hammond, Oregon.

It is a huge campground and offers sites for every type of camping unit.  It has 286 campsites, full hook ups for large motorhomes to water and electric sites for smaller units.  It is heavily wooded, but portable satellite dishes were able to sneak signals through the trees.

Most sites are back ins, but some are pull throughs.

Along with several recycling areas for cans, plastics and bottles are these drains provided for tent campers to solve the where -do-you-dump-the-dish-water issue?


Each campground loop had a couple of campground hosts watching over it.  Looks like there are many work camping opportunities here.

At the dump station there were six dumps in three lanes.

For people that choose not to bring their own camping equipment, the campground has a number of Yurts, a canvas sided building, available for rent.

There are numerous bike paths that wind all through the campground, and it has a nice lake where you can fish or rent a boat.

The campground also has this:

Its own beach.  It even comes with its own shipwreck, you can walk out to it at low tide.  How cool is that?

Fort Stevens State Park Campground is a really nice campground, clean and neat and very reasonably priced.  Reservations are recommended during the summer, it was all filled up today when we visited.

Of course you can always go to the campground across the street.  It does have a pool, but it wasn't very full at all, maybe the $57 per night charge has something to do with it?

We also got a chance to take Amber and Ryan (and the girls) out to lunch today, it's their sixth anniversary.

Ryan had a half pound burger with ham, cheese and a fried egg on it.

Hopefully he won't eat too many of these or he may not live to see his seventh anniversary. ;c)

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  1. $57????? Are they crazy????? I'll be in Astoria on the 19th, staying at the fairgrounds. Will you guys still be around?

  2. Bummer, we're leaving Sat. night (14th), taking a red-eye flight home. We now have missed you on both coasts!

    One of these days we'll meet up and we're looking forward to it.