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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Marti's Musings: Altered Thinking - 2

So, if you read my first entry "Altered Thinking" you will probably guess the train of thoughts I am having - (if you didn't read it yet, you can find it here). 

As I hear from my kids, with their growing families, and moves from house to house (usually to bigger and bigger) - it really hits home.  They are excited about new furniture purchased - my mind goes to "furniture?  What am I going to DO with all of our furniture when THAT time comes?".  They get excited about bigger (and better) homes they move to - my mind goes to "bigger? we can't wait to downsize - yikes!  I need to get rid of .... nearly everything!" 

Sometimes these moments cause mild panic type thoughts - good grief!  How are we going to get through this?  and work full time?  And maintain (what little) sanity we have left? 

Other times, it is so exciting to look forward to being near those precious grandkids, and not rely on phone calls, pictures and computer conversations. 

Inevitably these days, our conversations end up with discussions about "let's plan on going here/there" or "we need to do this/that before we put the house on the market" (which causes another mild panic attack!) and the inevitable "we need to rent a dumpster to get all the junk to the dump!".

So, although there is TONS to do (as I sit here in front of the laptop -doh!) - and although there are times when there are mild panic attacks, we are still SO excited to be planning our retirement and the trips and adding to the 'bucket list' that keeps on growing.

We both have taken to reading blogs everyday, of folks already on the road as well as those still on the journey to full timing.  There are definite indications in our lives that God is moving, and the time frame is coming up .... We still are not at liberty to discuss the actual time frame, as we both have jobs to protect - for now at least.  But we are seeing and feeling the direction that we were praying and asking for.  Yup, that causes another mild panic attack, replaced shortly thereafter by the feelings of joy that we will be free of the junk, er stuff, that surrounds us and with excitement of not having to worry about work time frames.  Woo Hoo!

Today we went and looked at Lowe's for items that we can purchase to make our house more marketable...  yup - things are getting serious around here....  stay tuned!.  

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  1. We went through those same fellings, you will be surprised at how easy it gets once you start the downsizing process. The feeling you get from riding yourself of stuff you find you don't really need. We did give lots of stuff to our kids (furniture and such) so we can visit it later, oh and the kids

  2. Thanks, Kevin and Sheryl - we look forward to those liberating feelings!