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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Winnebago For Dummies

You've seen the books, Cooking for Dummies, Skyscraper Building for Dummies, Mouse Catching for Dummies.  I'd like to show you another reason why we like our Journey.  It's Winnebago for Dummies, and the dummy is me.

An RV is a complex machine. It's made up of many components, with lots of little parts and intricacies.  Looking at the wires, plumbing and other nuts and bolts items ranks right up there with the Space Shuttle.  And to think, they gave me the keys to this thing!

Winnebago saw guys like me coming.  So to make our ownership more enjoyable and user friendly, they created the Black Bag.

Open up this 10 pound plus back and you see all this.

Starting at the front are these manuals. 

The first one is the Operator Manual, it shows in great detail how to use all the components of the Journey.

I appreciate all the pictures and especially that they use small words that even I can understand.

The next two manuals are parts blow ups of the various systems and components.

There are other manufacturer's manuals for some of the bigger parts of the Journey, such as the transmission and the chassis.

And other neat things like the satellite dome and the washer/dryer.

Winnebago even designed the bag with labeled compartments so I know where to put the manuals back after I'm done with them.

This is going to come in handy for the body shop that is going to repaint all the scratches in our Journey (See yesterday's post).  It is touch up paint and paint codes so the body shop can match the paint.

Also included are special tools, including an electrical bypass for the power awning if the motor or switch acts up to get the awning closed.

The U shaped tools remove the radio.  A spare electrical plug for the toad, a chassis serial number plate, an Allen wrench to tighten the mirrors, caps to service the Rest Easy bed and a wrench to crank in the slides in case of a hydraulic pump "Hello Emergency Road Service".  I guess if we were stranded in the middle of the desert,  miles from civilization, with about a week of free time, I might try the wrench. ;c)

I use the bag to keep my high tech Maintenance Records (handwritten notebook) and a pouch for my repair/parts receipts.

It's nice to have all this information so I'll never make a mistake operating my Journey.  Now where did I put the black bag this time????

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  1. Holy smokes! It's like you signed up for a college class and that's the required reading. Will all that crap in there, you could use it for a doorstop....wait a minute...does a Winnebago even have a real door, or is it so high tech that it has one of those Star Trek teleportation devices?

  2. I know that is why Winnebago at the top of our list!!..good bathroom reading for at least a year!!

  3. I got a bag full of books with our new Discovery but after reading my way through them all it quickly became apparent that the guy who wrote the book never saw the rig. Our previous outfit was a Winnebago and their books were the most comprehensive and well laid out owners manuals I had ever seen. We love the Discovery but sure wish Winnebago had done the books for